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GMX Mail Login – How to Sign in My Account Page to GMX Mail

GMX Free Email is one of the few free email services that still offer easy sign-up, easy to use and user-friendly webmail interface, one of the world’s most secure email accounts, and excellent email features such as automatic spam filters. This guide will teach you how to log in to the inbox page of your GMX email account properly and securely.

If you’re having trouble logging into the right GMX mail login page and signing into your GMX mail account, you may be incorrect. If you hit this site trying to log in to the GMX email account, you’ve probably found us from a search engine or through your Windows search bar, which isn’t an acceptable way to get to the GMX mail login page. Here are some best practices to help you visit the correct GMX webmail login page safely and quickly, and log in to your GMX email account.

GMX Mail Login My Account Sign In Guide

Make sure you go to the correct page

Instead of trying to search a tab, search engine or your Windows search bar for GMX mail login page, you can bookmark the official GMX mail login page and visit the page only when you want to log in to your GMX mail account.

The right URL on the official home page for GMX is https:/ It’s also the only URL to log into your GMX email account that you can use. Enter the full “” URL in the address bar of your browser instead of entering phrases like “GMX mail login.”

Most browsers will use phrases (which are not formatted with URLs) that you entered as search phrases on their address bar, bringing you to the search result when you press Enter. This is not the right way to visit a page you have already chosen to visit in the first place, because search engines do not always guarantee to display the genuine and correct pages you wish to visit. However, if you do not remember the URL of the page you would like to access, well, this might be the only way to check for it.

The correct way to visit the GMX mail login page is to type the full URL address – – into the address bar of your browser and click Enter. Then next time you can bookmark the page for even easier access. This way, you will be assured to visit the right and valid GMX email sign-in page, but not other non-relevant, fake pages or those claiming to be the official GMX attempting to steal accounts from users.

How to sign in to GMX Mail account

  • First, go into your browser at https:/ Then, at the top right corner of the GMX home page, click on the “Sign in” icon.
  • Just enter your GMX email account and password when the login form pops up.
  • Clicking the Login button will lead you to your GMX mail account inbox page where you will be able to read and manage your emails if the data entered is right.

GMX Mail Account Sign Up

This Guide to GMX login assumes you already have an active GMX email address. If you don’t have a free email account with GMX already, simply go to and press the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the GMX homepage. In the signup form fill in all appropriate fields and press “I accept. Now create an email account.

The sign-up process is very simple, with only a few required fields to be filled in, and most importantly, for verification (optional) it doesn’t require a phone number.

GMX Email Account Forgot Password

Unfortunately, if you have forgotten the password for your GMX account, there is no method for automatic reset or retrieval of passwords. The only way seemingly is to contact the GMX support team to retrieve or reset passwords. You can do this by clicking on the login button on the homepage of GMX, and then clicking on the Connection Won’t access your account.

Click on Forgot your password category on the GMX Help Center tab, and then proceed to the contact us form.

A brief history of GMX and its mail services

Along with, GMX (Global Mail eXchange) Mail is a subsidiary of Germany-based United Internet. GMX mail is popular with users within continental Europe, the UK, and the United States. Before delving into the “features” segment of this GMX email review, we thought that an overview of the company’s history would give both current and prospective GMX customers a better understanding of the product.

GMX Mail was founded in 1997 – making the service more than 20 years old. From the booming dot-com bubble up to the modern era of memes and apps, GMX Mail appears to have successfully adapted within a fast-paced global technological landscape, positioning itself amongst some of its more well-known contemporaries as a pioneer in internet communications.

What can GMX’s features do for you?

MX mail provides a platform that is both accommodating and easy to navigate. While GMX Mail offers the basic amenities and services that the everyday email user has come to expect, there are a few key areas that the service really shines:

  1. Attachments and Storage: GMX Mail goes above and beyond when it comes to providing storage space for its users. The maximum size for attached files (whether a single file or a group of files) per email is 50 MB. More than double the size (25 BM) of Gmail and Yahoo Mail. GMX’s Cloud feature also provides a comfortable 2GB of free storage.
  2. Interface: GMX Mail has an interface that is both familiar and easily navigated. Utilizing a blue and white color scheme, the website is easy on the eyes – useful if you spend more than a few moments checking emails. This aesthetic ease-of-use is carried from the website into the official GMXapp, which has been optimized for both smartphones and tablets – iPhone and Android alike.
  3. Contact importing: a major gripe that many email users have with their email service providers is the difficulty they face when having to import contacts. GMX allows for its users to directly add contacts to their address books from a number of locations, including Facebook. We find this feature ideal for both individuals and businesses, as contacts and customers are usually spread across multiple platforms.
  4. Language: this was an area of positive interest for users of GMX Mail. Services are provided in Eglish, German, Spanish, and French. Despite other email service providers having multi-language functions, we felt that GMX Mail’s implementation was extremely smooth and glitch-free. Also, there did not appear to be any major differences in the quality of the experience (from a technical standpoint) when toggling between language settings.
  5. Customer Support: not only was customer support quick, concise and polite, but the overall experience was straightforward and hassle-free. Compared to some of the larger email service providers, GMX provides direct access to a customer service rep. This was extremely refreshing, given that our prior experiences with competitors saw us faced with dead-ends and unhelpful “Community Boards.”
  6. Price: admittedly, the number one selling point for GMX is its selling point – it’s free! Given all of the features, functions, and elements offered, we were surprised that opening an account was free of charge. While GMX appears to generate its revenue from advertising on its website (the ads range in quality and subject matter), the ads were not intrusive or inappropriate.

“GMX mail provides a platform that is both accommodating and easy to navigate”. Users are also able to manage multiple email addresses under one account and can choose from a number of domain endings. GMX Mail’s premium users are treated to even more options. As first-time GMX users, the above features allowed for an overwhelmingly pleasant experience.

GMX Prioritises User Safety

GMX Mail was bug-free, glitch-free, and had received very little spam compared to other email service providers that we tested. Our GMX Mail junk folder was usually empty, and the majority of our email correspondence that we received was authorized and valid. Knowing that all of our correspondence was encrypted was the icing on the metaphorical e-communications cake. If any issued did happen to arise with regards to user safety or privacy, we took solace in the fact that we could reach a live customer service representative with relative ease.

To anyone using another email service provider at present, we task you do read through the privacy agreement that you signed with the said service provider. We can almost guarantee that you will be looking for an alternative – and after our research, we must say that GMX Mail provides the perfect solution. A company whose product strikes the right balance between meeting market demands, protecting consumers, and presenting its users with a refreshing balance of reliability and accessibility without being clunky or visually unappealing.

Overall, GMX mail met all of our requirements when looking for a new email service provider and surpassed expectation across the board. Moving forward, we are excited to see how GMX develops its product. Hopefully, you have found this GMX email review and its performance has been both informative and helpful.